Mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions present excellent opportunities for companies to improve tax efficiency. During such transactions tax risks must be managed and a proper tax structure selected taking into consideration the jurisdictions involved. Therefore, legal experts with in-depth knowledge of optimal tax structures in various jurisdictions are key advisors in such situations.

KK lawyers guide in identifying tax risks resulting from complex transactions and provide advice on most suitable tax efficient structures.

Tax structuring advisory includes:

  • Preparing company structures that are tax efficient for acquisitions, mergers and amalgamations or joint ventures.
  • Reorganising of groups of businesses under holding company and preparing documents related to such reorganisation and management of the group.
  • Making transitional plan for family-held big businesses for passing on their wealth to the next generation with the least tax burden.
  • Structuring of businesses in preparation for initial public offering (IPO).

Our lawyers practicing in this area include:
Nuno Rodrigues
KK Sharma
Secretary, Advisory Council

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David Lewis-Member
Member, Advisory Council

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Philippe Brusick
Member, Advisory Council

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